1. Sitka, AK, 2012. 

  2. Rémi D.
    Timo E.
    Timo E.
    Eric H.
    Eric H.

    Normally I enjoy photographing women over men simply because ladies are pretty. But recently I’ve rather enjoyed photographing my dude friends. Alas, they are pretty too. Here are a few. all circa 2012.

  3. Industrial Jersey Views. 

  4. Views of the neighborhood IV, Sunset Park, Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn, NYC. 

  5. Views of the neighborhood II, Sunset Park, Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn, NYC. 

  6. Scenes from a Train. 

  7. Old Film, Vancouver, circa 1997. During photography school I was obsessed with trying to mimic old noir film styles. I shot this in the living room of my basement apartment using a velvet backdrop and a single hot light. 

  8. Long Island City, Queens I. 

  9. Elle in the Kitchen. Montclair NJ. Beautiful Girls!