1. Industrial Jersey Views. 

  2. Old Film, Vancouver, circa 1997. During photography school I was obsessed with trying to mimic old noir film styles. I shot this in the living room of my basement apartment using a velvet backdrop and a single hot light. 

  3. Maya in Montclair. Isn’t she a cutie? 

  4. Views from the Train 2. 

  5. Views from the Train. Montclair NJ to NYC. 

  6. Graffiti 2. Portland OR. Las Vegas. Tblisi. NYC. Red hook, Brooklyn. 

  7. Graffiti 1. Medzilaborce. Bratislava. Vienna. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. 

  8. This evening’s shoot. The theme was “Soviet Spy.” Which was kind of weird seeing as Eva literally grew up behind the iron curtain. These, however, were shot in Bay Ridge.