1. Al and his bike, Bed-Stuy, NY.

  2. Rémi D.
    Timo E.
    Timo E.
    Eric H.
    Eric H.

    Normally I enjoy photographing women over men simply because ladies are pretty. But recently I’ve rather enjoyed photographing my dude friends. Alas, they are pretty too. Here are a few. all circa 2012.

  3. Views of the neighborhood III, Sunset Park, NYC. 

  4. Views of the neighborhood IV, Sunset Park, Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn, NYC. 

  5. Views of the neighborhood II, Sunset Park, Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn, NYC. 

  6. Views of the neighborhood I, Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn, NYC. 

  7. Graffiti 2. Portland OR. Las Vegas. Tblisi. NYC. Red hook, Brooklyn. 

  8. Graffiti 1. Medzilaborce. Bratislava. Vienna. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. 

  9. This evening’s shoot. The theme was “Soviet Spy.” Which was kind of weird seeing as Eva literally grew up behind the iron curtain. These, however, were shot in Bay Ridge. 

  10. Winter at Green-wood, Brooklyn.